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Thursday, March 18, 2010


When I first heard the term “blog” it meant nothing to me. It was actually my husband who gave me an article about blogging. Well, I thought it was very “hokey”, just another crazy thing someone had dreamed up. Then I heard more people talking about “blogs” and I got a bit curious. So, as usual, I was not ahead of the pack but running like crazy to catch up to it!
When I started blogging I was afraid I wouldn’t have anything to say, so I made a list of some ideas, thinking I would have posts for a couple months. Now sometimes it seems I can’t shut up! This “social network” is a wonderful thing.
From my home in rural Indiana I can receive a critique about my painting from someone who lives across the country – or across the globe. I can give another blogger advice, or vice versa. With nothing more than a few key strokes and a click of my mouse I’m certain to find whatever I’m looking for - there is bound to be a blog about it!
We don’t have to be best friends, and in fact will probably never meet each other – although I have met a couple “bloggerites”!!! - but we can share our knowledge and thoughts with each other.
Thanks to those of you who read my posts, and a special thanks to those of you who have been so kind to respond to my posts and begin a dialogue with me.
In honor of my blogging friendships – from time to time ** - I’ll be doing some short posts to feature my blog roll members (in no particular order!) If you haven’t done so already, check out their blogs.
**  (TRANSLATION:  When I have no paintings to show because I've been busy doing other stuff that is no where near as much fun as painting but has to be done by me since I don't have a secretary, cook, housekeeper, butler or chauffeur to do it for me!!!)
 Rhonda Carpenter
I must begin with Rhonda!
Rhonda must be one of the queens of the Blog World! She blogs at Watercolors and Words almost every day and always has some tidbit of information to share. She is also not afraid to let us see her failures (few!)as well as her successes (many!) and allows us to constantly learn from her. She’s also a member of the Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society  and was our recording secretary the past 3 years and helped with several of our shows the past few years. She’s got a bubbly personality and is a very upbeat and positive person! I'm proud to say I know her personally!
Gary Keimig
Gary is a wonderful landscape and western artist living in ‘Big, Wonderful Wyoming”. He gets such wonderful depth to his paintings in various mediums – oil, gouache, acrylic and watercolor. He also has been writing some very interesting posts about his area of the country, as well as his painting.
Gary is quite the adventurer and photographer too - at least he will be once again after his foot heals completely (you need to read his blog to find out what happened to him!).  
And, as if that blog isn't enough, visit his other blog Outdoor Adventures  – where he will post some great photos and talk about some of his outdoor western adventures.


RHCarpenter said...

Well, I may never be rich, but maybe I'll be famous thanks to you, Deb :) hee hee

Vicki Greene said...

I am a bit behind on my blogging but just wanted to say that this is a great idea. I have never met Rhonda but she is one of my favorite "blogger friends" and I just recently started following Gary and really enjoy his blog too.

Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

What Vicki said! And, I am glad I stopped by to see your blog, after reading so many of your encouraging comments to Rhonda's blog, isn't hers just great? Thanks for pointing out her blog to the rest of us, although I read hers daily since she usually has something interesting/funny/thought-provoking to say.

Yuor work is amazing, I am sorry to not have peeked in before!

debwardart said...

Hi Susan - thanks for stopping by! Rhonda is a great lady and yes, her blog is terrific - she is always so encouraging. Glad you like my work and hope you come back often!