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Monday, March 15, 2010


Seems that lately I haven’t had much time for myself to paint, or read, or anything! I’m going to try to rectify that, because I feel emotionally drained. Guess I’ve just over extended myself a little with the groups I belong to, and need to cut back.
I taught a class on Saturday at the local library – we only have 3 hours to get a completed painting – I felt sooooooo rushed, since we had to be out of the room early - and then I had to get my computer updated in the afternoon.
Sunday was laundry, light cleaning, catch up day since today I had to spend the morning at the Art Guild - we have to volunteer for 2 hours a month, so I took 4 hours today and then will be caught up for 2 months. (See what I mean about cutting back!)
I brought along my orbs painting to work on, and here is the progress I made.
Now here’s my self-critique: The background is too gray-ish, but I’m OK with the lace in front. Perhaps more blue or even brownish would be better than that dark gray. I also think the flowers need to be “yellowed” more – maybe a light glaze of quin. gold will do the trick.  Also need more shadow on bottom and side of left orb.   (Suggestions welcome).
After my stint in the gallery, it was on to pick up a side of beef we had purchased - we buy a half cow butchered which fills our freezer for several months!
So, let’s see, today I went from St. Leon through Dover, Guilford, Greendale, Lawrenceburg, Aurora, Elrod, Versailles, Osgood, Napoleon, Greensburg, Batesville, Morris, Penntown, Lawrenceville and back to St. Leon – for a total of 108 miles – and was out of the house from 9 a.m. until 4:45 p.m. (Granted, some of these little “burgs” are a blink and a second, but still, you can see I did a bit of travelin’!)
And it’s only Monday!!!!!


RHCarpenter said...

Whew, that's some drivin'!! Hope you do get some time to yourself and time for what you want to do - not what you have to do. And your self-critique is right on with this one - nothing you said is wrong and everything you said was what I would have suggested (great minds think alike)., relax, rejuvenate, and then go to it!

Teresa said...

Reading your self critique I'd say you know better than anyone what will work and how to do it, I think that as long as you can give the left orb a bit more of a spheric look darkening the edges it'll look terrific, it has so wonderful textures already!

When you finish this one it will well deserve to be hung in an exhibition somewhere, will be waiting for the next update :D