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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Finally, we were able to have the fluid acrylics workshop! You may recall that it had been scheduled for first weekend in February but we got snowed out with one of many snow storms. So, with snow in the forecast AGAIN, the workshop facilitator and I had been back and forth on the phone Friday coordinating all possibilities for the weekend.
On Saturday I woke up to my husband telling me that it had snowed during the night. (Insert your own expletive here!!!) But, turned out it was just a “light dusting” so, after one more call to check the weather report in Cincinnati, off I went – loaded for bear!!! (And, just for more winter fun – I awoke Sunday to ice on the roads here in the country – which, fortunately, turned into “just wet” the further I drove into the city. As the forecasters would say – “we dodged a bullet”).
The two days went quickly for me, and I had a ball! I already knew 2 of the participants, and others in the group knew each other, so we all quickly became a congenial group. We laughed, we learned, we ate Panera Bread bagels with cream cheese - and we even did some painting!
There were both oil and watercolor painters in the group and they were all very curious about the fluid acrylics. By Sunday afternoon they had learned several techniques to incorporate into their paintings.
All in all, a very pleasant way to spend a weekend – art, food, fun and friends!
If you are interested in an unbiased opinion (!!!) about the workshop, Gaylynn  has put up one post on her blog about the workshop and will no doubt post more when she gets her computer up and running.
These two photos were taken into the mirror and you can see the demo paintings. These are some good starts that I’ll be finishing up and posting.
Below is none other than “yours truly”. Wow, there is a reason I hate to have my photo taken! For some reason my hair refused to cooperate either day – isn’t that always the way! I’m blaming it on the weather!
Here are the fine folks who braved the elements to come and learn.


RHCarpenter said...

Looks like a small group that was brave to come out - glad you could postpone it and not cancel it - wish I could have joined in for the fun but had a science fair to work on that weekend (and I'm not a scientist so how do I get roped into these things?).

Christiane Kingsley said...

Deb, congratulations on what Gaylynn describes as a successful and fun workshop. How I wish I could have attended!

I am really glad that you did not have to postpone the workshop again because of the weather.

You look great in that picture, beside your gorgeous floral painting.

debwardart said...

Rhonda, I'll be doing my Art in the Country workshops again this year and hopefully you can join one of those - no scientific knowledge necessary!
Christiane - thanks for the compliment; sorry you live so far away!!

Arti said...

Hi Deb, just wanted you to know that you are my choice too, for the sunshine award:)

debwardart said...

Thank you, Arti!