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Saturday, July 10, 2010


Here’s another attempt at a difficult background – sort of like the corn, only easier!!! This one is in fluid acrylic.
I began with a photo of some sort of fronds at the Krohn Conservatory, but decided the photo was too symmetrical.
I then used tracing paper and traced some of the fronds at different angles and left out tons! And then enlarged and traced that onto a board.
Then I went outside and tossed paint onto the board!


Christiane Kingsley said...

This will be very fun to watch...I hope that you will have lots of fun painting it:-) I really liked your complex corn painting. This one is already looking good with the darker green behind the fronds.

Ann Buckner said...

It does look complicated and am excited to see your progress. Love that teapot in the previous post, too.

laura said...

Looks like a great drawing ... and it's so interesting to see the stages of your work and read about it.
I think I need to get some tracing paper to help me find better compositions.
I know nothing about fluid acrylics ... it looks like watercolor though.

Vicki Greene said...

Oh a tossed painting (sorry it is time for supper). Seriously this looks like it is off to a great start. Looking forward to seeing you work on it.

debwardart said...

Christiane, this one is coming along ok!
Ann, thanks for the teapot compliment - but it's not one of my favorites!
Laura - the photo I took couldn't have been more symmetrical if I'd planned it! So I just used the tracing paper over the photo and kept moving the photo for interesting views of the fronds until I was satisfied. Then I went in and tied it together with more in some areas, removed some in others and even as I painted I did a bit of that! I did a value study but didn't completely follow it as I've progressed (shocking!!!)
Fluid acrylics are liquid acrylics and very good pigment saturation - they can be used like watercolors and the colors stay true. In pouring, whatever is below will not lift since they are acrylic! I love them - they are a very flexible medium.
Vicki - sorry if it made you hungry!