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Sunday, May 22, 2011


In my recent vertigo post I joked about the doctor locating my glasses inside my empty, dizzy head.

In reality, I do seem to keep misplacing my reading glasses. Not to be confused with the bifocals which I actually purchased at Lenscrafters to the tune of a couple hundred dollars, including frames. But I did get them in about an hour. These are my 3rd pair of bifocals.

The very first ones never were correct and the optometrist never made a proper correction, so I never wore them.

My 2nd pair are the sunglasses I currently have and they are great. (Got them at Lenscrafters too.)  But my last pair are very narrow and I think that is why I have to elevate them on my nose for close up and push them down for distance. Very annoying, so I don’t wear them unless I’m driving on sunless days, pushed halfway down my nose, and even then I usually end up with my sunglasses on – looking very Hollywood in the gloom, quite a lot like Raquel (Welch)!!

Hence the 5 pair of el cheapo readers that are scattered about the house. You would think that with that many laying around somewhere there would always be a pair within reach but, no, you would be wrong. I think that they currently reside – in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in my art box, on my drafting table and . . . um . . . crap . . . . See what I mean – I am simply incapable of keeping track of them. Maybe I need a clapper or beeper or something affixed to them.  But, what the heck, the last 2 pair cost $1.00 each so guess I can afford to lose them periodically.

Just yesterday I was in a panic - couldn't find the sunglasses.  Well, don't blame me on that one - haven't needed them in ages since we have not had any sun for weeks!  I remembered wearing them in a car, but whose car?  Looked in mine, nope.  My husband's, nope.  Thought I'd left them in my daughter's but decided against making that call until I had exhausted all other possibilities.  Maybe left them in my friend's?  Didn't want to bother her at dinner, so looked again.  Then again.   Finally, on the last search I found them on the chair behind the purse covered with several light jackets, an umbrella, a pair of winter gloves, the dog leash and, for some unexplained reason, an unopened package of roach traps.



RH Carpenter said...

This is just what happens when you have so many of something. My glasses - becoming as thick as Coke bottles and no-line bifocals - cost too much for me not to know where they are at all times! But these little $1.00 ones are easily replaceable and yes, Sweetie has them all over the house, too. It's only BAD when they are on your head and you say, "Have you seen my glasses?" Then it's time to call it a day! ha ha

Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

That's it, Deb! You are truly the twin I was meant to have! I constantly misplaced my inexpensive readers and had them all over the place. Once, when teaching a beginner watercolor class I discovered I had no reading glasses with me and just about panicked. I called my husband and asked him to bring me a pair from home. He walked into the class later with a GALLON Ziploc bag full of my readers he had found laying around. Everyone laughed, but he heard about his being funny later!

Ya just gotta have a pair of those within reach at all times, hence having them laying about all over the house! Also, ya gotta make a fashion statement with colors and patterns to match all of your outfits so, at such a little cost, you can do that!

By the way, I actually do have a twin sister, but we are nothing alike.

Carol Blackburn said...

Oh Deb, I feel your pain....I've had an optometrist tell me I had to get used to the bad glasses he made. I flat out told him "no" putting on glassess should clear things up not make them all wavy. I never went back there and guess what, he went out of business shortly afterwards. I wear trifocals these days but have taken to buying those cheapo reading glasses and putting them around the house too. I love the different colors and shapes for fun. I keep clip-on sunglasses in the cars just in case someone needs a pair (me or hubby). Unfortunately those can cost about $12.00 a pair not like the $3.00 magnifiers. So, if you need to vent further........I'm your go to person. :)

debwardart said...

Rhonda, that actually happened to me many years ago - Mike and I were searching the apartment, I looked directly at him, and finally he realized they were on my head!!!! Not sure which one of us was dumber! (Oh wait, that would be him!!!)
Susan - toooooo funny! Bet your husband never lets you forget that one!
Carol - together we have a glasses shop!!!

Gaylynn said...

Hahahaha OMG!!! All of 4 of your stories have me cracking up! My husband just had cataract surgery on both eyes. The doc said to get readers. We went to Target and bought a 3 pack for $12.99. He has already decided that he needs another set of three so he has one at each job, by the bed, by the computer and in the cars. Over the weekend we were at a wedding reception and while reading his smartphone his glasses fell apart and he was left without a means to read. He had used them for 5 days. I see lots of 3 packs in his future :-) However, as for now, he (we) can not top finding glasses next to various items and roach traps.

Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Oh the realization of finding you are wearing glasses on your head..... been there.

I'm with you... I am forever losing my glasses.

Kimberly Vanlandingham said...

LOL! I have readers everywhere!!

debwardart said...

Gaylynn - and thus it begins - old age creeping in one centimeter at a time!!!!!!! Hope your husband's surgery was successful and he's fully recovered.
Nancy - sometimes I think we are all the same person, we all do dumb things but are unwilling to admit it until someone else goes first!
Kimberly - ditto the above comment!