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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Some of you may be wondering why I haven’t been posting enough art related subjects lately.
Here’s the scoop.

I’ve been too busy with other stuff, like getting ready for a demo, getting ready for a class, working on the ViewPoint prospectus and mailing list and working on the Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society blog.

I’ve also been, as we call it here in the rain soaked southeastern part of Indiana – “doctorin’”.

That’s a verb meaning having health problems and going to a doctor frequently. When I was young(er) I always got a kick out of someone using that term; now it ain’t so funny.

No, for those of you who might be worried (all one of you!), it’s not my heart. It’s my head.

I’ve always known there was something wrong up there, but now it’s about to be verified. For the past few weeks I’ve been suffering and “doctorin’” for vertigo. I know a lot of you have had it, currently have it, or know someone who has/had it. Apparently this is a common ailment that, like hemorrhoids, is never mentioned unless someone else mentions it. (Ewwww, there’s a visual, what if hemorrhoids were in our ears!)

But I digress.

If you’ve never had vertigo, I pray you never get it. The world is spinning around you and it is the most terrifying thing I can imagine. Besides that, I don’t feel comfortable driving, and so am reliant on being driven around, like Miss Daisy, by my ever lovin’ hubby who is rapidly getting tired of it!

Anyway, after the tests were run and I picked up my shaking, quaking, crying body, along with what was left of my dignity (which now fits easily into my jeans pocket) I came home to collect myself before another doctor’s visit in a few days.

I’ll let you know what (if anything but air and a few paint chips) they find.


Nancy Van Blaricom said...

So sorry to hear about your vertigo. I've never had it but have heard how awful it is. Hope you are feeling well soon.

Ann Buckner said...

Hope the docs have a good remedy for the vertigo, Deb. Even though the subject isn't funny, enjoyed the humor you spliced through your post. Will be keeping you in my thoughts.

Carol Blackburn said...

My Deb, you are handling a lot right now. I've lived with true vertigo all my life and have learned to deal with it. I hold handrails on stairs, turn slowly, wear flat shoes, avoid shadows and things like flickering sunlight coming through trees as I drive, taking hairpin turns too fast when another car is coming in the other direction, staying away from edges of stairs, decks; avoiding floating docks and foot bridges unless there is a handrail or trusted hubby to hang onto. But, that's just me. My vertigo is not a temporary thing from an inner ear infection or fluid but the way my sensory system has been wired from birth. Until you get some answers I hope some of my tricks work for you to make life a bit easier at this time. I'm always happy to chat more with you about this if you want.

Kimberly Vanlandingham said...

Well...I hope they find something in there! LOL! And I hope you're feeling better soon!

RH Carpenter said...

I am very sure they will have a specialist in there during your next visit, Deb, so he/she can discuss just what they find in there! Maps, lost keys, hairpins, coffee cups and coasters are my guess :)

debwardart said...

Thank you Nancy and Ann; glad you enjoyed the humor; may as well laugh, right!
Kimberly and Rhonda - ho, ho, ho! And I hope they find my glasses, too!
Carol, I may take you up on your offer, depending on what they find. I cannot image having to put up with this much longer, although I've been feeling better the last few days since the "crystal" therapy!

Gary Keimig said...

gosh Deb. I sure hope it is something that can be treated. Do follow exactly what the Doc tells you. It usually works.
Thanks too for the comment on my blog. Not to worry I am sitting in my pickup about 50 yards above Mr Grizzly photographing him. There is apparantely 2 bears in the area though I have only seen one. Spent last evening there along the road with about 10 other vehicles[word has gotten out on the bears]in a blinding snow storm [and it was COLD}But getting great photos for research in future paintings.

debwardart said...

Thanks Gary - and you stay safe!