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Saturday, May 14, 2011


Had a quick in/quick out visit with the doctor on Thursday. (He’s nothing if not “to the point”.)

It seems that my “condition” is BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo) and just something that I’ll have to get used to living with. Apparently this is just “one of those things” that occurs, comes and goes, and who knows why.

The ear therapy did seem to help, and, combined with the meclizine, I’m driving again. If I get the vertigo bad again I can go in for another therapy treatment. And I’ll use the meclizine as my “fire extinguisher” the way I’m using my nitro pills for my heart. (When my cardiologist gave me the nitro pills he likened them to a fire extinguisher – you have one, but have never used it, but it’s nice to know it’s there in case you need it).

It seems like each day it’s a little better. I can look up farther and down farther before the dizziness begins, but I’m still not about to do a twist and turn of my head. I’m able to roll to my left side to sleep, so that’s nice, and I’m hoping that eventually I’ll be able to roll right without taking a “trip”. Maybe by the end of weekend I’ll be able to lay flat enough to get back into my own bed, although the recliner is becoming quite comfy!

Since I just heard some bad health news about some people I care about, it makes my ditsy dizziness seem minor, indeed.

So I’m just going to “suck it up”, “man up”, keep my head in plane, walk like I’m wearing a neck brace, turn like Frankenstein - and get on with my life.

Here’s hoping now I can get back to painting more – I’ve got several things “in the works” but haven’t gotten anything ready to post yet. But soon . . . .

Thanks to those of you who follow and care!

p.s. I’m still looking for my glasses!


Vicki Greene said...

Oh my, we don't realize or think about how we move until something like this happens. Hope it disappears just a quickly as it came. I miss seeing your paintings. This might be the perfect time to try abstracts - lol.

Anonymous said...



Jeanette said...

I'm sorry that vertigo is making life difficult for you right now. Dizziness is very debilitating but I'm glad its improving.

I chuckled when I saw your post title as I'd just posted the exact same one on my blog, only mine was to do with a painting!

I hope your glasses turn up soon.

Watercolors by Susan Roper said...


Even though there are people who are suffering from far worse than vertigo, it still is valid for you to feel badly about dealing with it when it is happening to you. I have friends who have had these same issues and I know it is no fun. Hang in there and I hope you can soon be looking down enough to paint and do more of what you like to do.

Kimberly Vanlandingham said...

I hope you get to feeling better. Crazy that they can't really pinpoint the cause.

Carol Blackburn said...

Glad you've determined your vertigo is not serious as in the sense of from a tumor or something like that. Looks like you are in the same boat as me, as as I said before, it's doable. You make adjustments and life goes on only a bit more cautiously and with purposeful movements on your part. It's always nice to have a big, strong man close by too, to catch you when you start to fall. (from the voice of experience) :)

debwardart said...

Vicki, I'm getting some paintings done now, finally.
Granny, I've had it before, just a bit different, but it's finally going away.
Jeanette, I saw that post and was worried, then laughed when I saw what it was about! They never did find the glasses!!!
Thank you Susan and Kimberly for your concern.
Carol, I may contact you so we can commiserate! Thank you for your concern.

Christiane Kingsley said...

Deb, since I have been rather out of commission myself lately ( because of my sore shoulder, I am typing this with one hand, somehowe lying on my back, with the laptop precariously perched on my knees:-), I was not aware of your vertigo problem. I am so glad that you are seeing some improvement - we feel so helpless and frustrated when our body won't let us do what we want to do.
Continue to take good care of yourself.