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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I finished my summer session of classes a few weeks ago - and two of the students told me “I get it now”!
Wow – it’s always so exciting to hear that, after a long wait! It makes me proud of them (and proud of myself that I was able to impart some knowledge!)
After lots of whining, they all managed to create a landscape of rocks and greenery.
By painting in the values and shapes – nothing more!
They were amazed with themselves.
I was proud of them.

When I do class demos I usually don’t plan on getting a completed painting – I want to show the students “how to” and then help them.   I forgot to take my camera to class – but take my word for it – at least one of the students’ work turned out better than mine!

Here it is as I left it from the class demo.

Here it is finished.  I'm not a landscape painter - gee, can you tell???!!!  But maybe I'll get more interested - there are so many beautiful vistas in our area, not to mention on our property.  I'm thinking this fall will be a good time to go outside - cool, crisp mornings, beautiful blue skies, lots of color in the trees - and give it a try!