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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


My husband is taking me out to the local tavern to celebrate Valentine's Day - wow, aren't you all impressed!   Actually, that's fine with me, they have great hamburgers, he can have a beer, we will probably see someone we know, they have yummy real home made soup (made literally at the home of the lady down the road and carried to the tavern in big pots!) and I don't have to get dressed up.  Plus, I don't have to cook!

Now - on to the meat of this post - time to select the winner of the note card giveaway.  Well, guess not too many of you folks like my paintings since not many of you posted your favorite.  (Can I have some cheese with this w(h)ine!)

So those of you who did enter had a great chance of winning!  Didn't take long to pull a name out of my hat -
and the winner is . . .

Susan Roper

Susan - please contact me with your address so I can mail your package of note cards - which will include the "Secrets of the Geishas"!!!

Thanks to those of you who did enter to win!  Maybe next time.


Gaylynn said...

Deb, Congratulations to Susan!
We celebrated similarly except we went to the little local Mexican. The best part was knowing that the big chain restaurants were filled with people waiting for hours while we walked in enjoyed and was home in no time.

RH Carpenter said...

Being a gracious loser (since I've had so much practice at it), I'm going to say, congratulations, Susan! (Even though I tried to keep others from posting so the field would be small and I'd win! ha ha

debwardart said...

Gaylynn - we do try to support our local businesses too! If we are starving in the city in front of a Frish's my husband will drive to Harrison to support OUR restaurant!
Rhonda - I, too, have been a loser many times. Maybe next time will be the charm!

Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

Not to gloat, but I am soooo happy to be chosen for these cards! I guess I need to do a give-away from my blog to pay it forward. We'll have to see...guess I am selfish to not have done that before.

PS...These new word verification things are going to make us all go blind! Now you have to type two words, one of which is so stylized you can't tell what is a letter and what is a punctuation mark (which the words now contain). Jeez!