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Monday, July 30, 2012


After adding some more color on the leaves, I removed the misket.

Once that misket was gone, the painting took a whole new turn!  Makes me think of a messed up spider web!  As you may suspect, this may not be turning out as planned!  Or, as my daughter would say "needs more work"!!!
I'll work on this some more and let you know whether it's a "go" or a "throw"!

This Friday will be the ViewPoint opening and awards reception at the Cincinnati Art Galleries in downtown Cincinnati.  I'm excited!!!  Then I'll be leaving on Saturday morning for my annual painting retreat - can't wait!

So I won't post anything until I return home, sometime in mid-August.  See you then!


Arti said...

Its great to see this painting take shape...Good luck for the Opening and awards reception, best for your Painting Retreat!Hope to see many more amazing works when you return..

mollie jones said...

What wonderful merging and blending colors, Deb...this is a different look for you and I love the feel. I must have missed out on where you hold your annual painting retreat...would love to hear about it and will look forward to seeing what y'all do there. Have fun.