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Monday, August 6, 2012


I recently got a commission to paint a covered bridge.

Some of you may be saying to yourself, “gee, that’s no big deal”.

And, normally, I would agree with your skepticism.

But this covered bridge painting is a little different.

Rick was over one day talking to my husband when he looked around and asked “who paints?” As soon as I told him it was me, he came into the living room and began to look at all of my paintings and ask a lot of questions. Then he asked me if I’d be interested in a commission. Seems he had given a photograph to an artist somewhere in Kentucky, but the artist had never done the painting, nor returned his photograph! Since it was a covered bridge, it seemed pretty easy to me, so I said “yes”.

As we talked some more, I learned that the basis for this painting would be a photo taken from inside his son’s casket. Although he didn’t tell me at the time, this painting would commemorate his son, a young man who was also a friend of my son, who died four years ago.

It didn’t look too hard, but I’m no landscape painter! So, I just decided to hope for the best and not make it too trite. I’m using fluid acrylic on canvas and will frame it in barn wood for him when it’s complete.


William Cook said...

Just checking in. Is that the painting or the reference photo? What a touching story. My heartfelt condolences to the man that lost his son, I'm sure that painting will be incredible and a suitable commemoration. All the best.

Vicki Greene said...

What a special painting you have been entrusted with. I know that the painting will be lovely. Is this the photo you are working from?

Studio at the Farm said...

Deb, I wish you the best with this painting. It is such a quietly beautiful scene.

debwardart said...

Thanks for your comments - that's the photo I was given to paint from.