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Friday, December 14, 2012


My friend Rhonda - while holding a bag of onions she had pulled out of my pantry - suggested that I try another pastel painting of - - - an onion! She thought another single veggie would help me along in my pastel venture, and I think she was right.

I had no more pastel paper, however, having used it up in the recent pastel workshop with Cindy Haase.

Of course, that meant I just HAD TO go online to search for some Wallis sanded pastel paper. But, no luck with any of the art suppliers I frequent. So a sale coupon from a local art store necessitated a drive to their store in search of pastel paper. They didn’t have the Wallis paper either (which makes me wonder if something happened in the Pastel World???) but the girl who waited on me sold me some Color Fix sanded paper (which seems somewhat softer to me but that could just be my imagination).

So, finally, photo of onion in hand, I cut and taped my pastel paper and began.

Yikes, this one is on my own – no Cindy to look over my shoulder and make suggestions.

The results follows.

First, I took a photo of an onion with some dark shadows.

Then, per Cindy’s instruction, I printed it off in black and white to show the values better.


RH Carpenter said...

Going to be watching this one closely, Deb. You did such a fantastic job on the other things - your first time with pastels - I know this one will turn out great. And after you paint it (do pastelists call what they do painting? like colored pencil artists do?), you can put it in the pot with some beef and cook it up!

debwardart said...

Rhonda, yes, it's called painting! Small successes are making trying this new medium loads of fun!