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Thursday, February 6, 2014


Well, as promised, here is the link to the video wherein I was interviewed.

Fortunately he edited a lot and I didn't get a chance to look or sound too stupid!

At the beginning my painting is featured on the left in front (the red one) and at some point you see a woman in black from the back, with a bun in her hair, taking a photo of one of the paintings - that would be me.   I look pretty darn good from the back!!



Katherine Harra said...

Deb, now I feel even MORE like I know you. What nice timing for you to post this, right after our little "talk" (-;

I didn't find you from the back - can you give us more of a hint how far into the video? - but getting to see you talking to the camera, and next to your WONDERFUL (pattern-filled!) painting was so nice.

Ohio in general sounds like it has an active watercolor art scene. Ours (Michigan) isn't so bad (I'm on the board of two art organizations), but still has a ways to go.

debwardart said...

In about 17-18 seconds - I'm taking a photo - you see my back and my little bun head!