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Thursday, May 22, 2014

A CAT - 1

One of my students wanted to paint her departed cat who had been black and white.

I found a random cat photo on the internet to use for this purpose and, lo and behold, the photo I choose quite coincidentally represented her cat! 

I drew out the cat and miskited a few whiskers.  Later I decided it would have been better to just use an Xacto knife to indicate those.  I also miskited some of the white fur where it overlapped the black, and that idea worked out better!  There were some white highlights in the eyes which were also miskited.

Then I laid in a light gray-ish wash for the shadows on the face and around the paws.  I also washed in some pink on the face, nose, ears foot pads.  Then I began playing with the eyes.

Adding Quin. Gold and some greens and browns all run into one another began making the eyes the color I saw on the photo.

Behold - the beginning of a cat . . .

1 comment:

Katherine Harra said...

Deb, I'll be following your progress on this with interest. Knowing you it will be completely successful, and hopefully I'll learn something as I watch. Long ago I seemed able to paint cats reasonably well, but only when I worked on gessoed paper. Recently I've struggled mightily to use watercolor in its traditional way for a cat, and failed miserably. I'm now back to gesso and doing better again.