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Monday, May 26, 2014

A CAT - 2

Of course, I forgot to take photos mid-way through the process (so what else is new!) so . . .
. . . no photo for this part, but I laid in a black wash over the back, leg and face of the cat and lightly over the ears.  I darkened some of the shadow areas in the paws, mouth area and nose.

Then another layer of black on the cat, and around the edges of the ears to make that little fold over they have on their ears.  I played with the eyes, deepening the greens and adding shadows.

After that I assessed what needed to be darker, then removed the miskit.  You can see how “fat” the whiskers on the right eye are, I didn’t like that – that’s where I thought using the Xacto would have been better.

I softened some of the grays on the face and think I played up the pink on the nose a bit.

Then I had a black and white cat! 

I think this is only the 2nd cat I’ve painted, the first being many years ago in a class.  I’m sure I could do better, but I think this will definitely help my student be able to paint her own cat’s portrait.

1 comment:

Katherine Harra said...

Deb, don't pick at your results, this cat face is wonderful. I know many tuxedo cats personally, and their whiskers are often quite substantial, especially when they are a contrasting color. If anything, I'd maybe "beef up" the thinner whisker on the left( maybe this time with the xacto, if you have the nerve for it . . ).