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Thursday, May 1, 2014


I received my Winsor & Newton Award from the Woman’s Art Club of Cincinnati in the mail.
The palette closed.

The palette open - paints are in a drawer that slides out.

It’s much heavier than it looks!  I will probably not use the palette, but will certainly use the paints.  I have used Daniel Smith paints for years, but will give these W&N colors a good try in an upcoming painting.

Colors included are transparent yellow, Winsor yellow, scarlet lake, alizarin crimson, Winsor green (blue shade), cobalt blue, Winsor blue (green shade) yellow ochre, burnt sienna, burnt umber, raw umber and lamp black.

As you know, I don’t use black, but will try to find a way to incorporate it into a painting, since it’s here!

Also included with my award was a short letter from the Club’s president.  In it, she told me:  “The judge was captivated by your perspective and amazing detail.”
The Anniversary Clock
Winsor & Newton Award
Woman's Art Club 2014 Show

It’s always nice to know the reasoning behind an award, but you don’t always have the opportunity to hear it, so I appreciated her note.


RH Carpenter said...

Congratulations, Deb! That is a nice set - make sure you hide it when I come over! ha ha. So glad you got such great feedback on your painting, too.

Katherine Harra said...

Well, I'm captivated too, that's a great word for it. How did you pick the time of day? Or does it match the shadows from a west facing window? And whose anniversary does the clock celebrate?

laura said...

I'm captivated too. By the lace and the brass--how you got that color and shine I'll never know.
A nice award. The palette has a lot of mixing areas, and I prefer some W&N colors over DS: raw sienna and cerulean. I think W&N's are brighter, more transparent.

debwardart said...

Rhonda, will do - and it's always good to get that feedback, if possible.
Katherine - I THINK it was afternoon, west window (how did you know?) and the clock was loaned to me by a student, she just called it an anniversary clock - so no particular anniversary.
Laura - thanks! I will give the WN a try and see how they compare to my DS.