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Monday, October 12, 2015


Saturday night was the opening at the Hoosier Salon Carmel Gallery show.  It was a beautiful early fall evening, perfect temperature, great weather, beautiful sunset!

I was finally able to meet J. Anna Roberts and Bob Bratton - the two other watercolorists in the show - both delightful people.  We all got a chance to chat throughout the evening.

At times there were a lot of people through the gallery, at times not so many.  Several people took time to really view the paintings and I'm hopeful some of mine will be purchased during the run of the show.

My very best friend and her parents came to support me, and I'm sure more of my friends and acquaintances will see the show while it hangs.  It is running concurrently with the Watercolor Society of Indiana show (hanging at the Indianapolis Museum of Art) that opened today.  I didn't attend that - two trips to Indy in two days is one too many!  So . . .

I'm planning an "art day" to Indy with some friends that will include both shows and lunch at the IMA.

A heartfelt "Thank You" to Rich Anderson (Hoosier Salon Carmel Gallery Director) and Jim May (Hoosier Salon Executive Director) for bringing this evening together.  It's a beautiful show - if you like watercolors - and who doesn't!!!

Hop in your car one of these beautiful fall days and drive to Indy to see it - along with the WSI show at the IMA!

Here are a  few photos of the opening.
This gorgeous bouquet was sent to me by my art retreat ladies!  Rich referenced my lace paintings and
found this lace doily to put under it.  Looks like a future painting to me!

Another view of the bouquet with Anna Roberts on the right, Rich Anderson (Director of
the Hoosier Salon Carmel Gallery just to her right in the striped blazer)
(This and next 3 photos)
Standing by the street entrance, panning around the room . . .

You may recognize some of these paintings from my blog!

The long wall on the right of the doorway entrance - back portion . . . 

. . . and front portion - with my flowers again!
My friend took my photo by some of my paintings - wearing a beautiful blue beaded bracelet
made for me by one of my friends - it complimented my top perfectly!
(I've decided I'm living in the wrong age - I shoulda/coulda been a Rubens model!!!)

I had to add this photo of my hair - styled for me by my Darling Daughter.
I got several compliments throughout the night!


Christiane Kingsley said...

What a beautiful show in a great venue...and your hair looks gorgeous!

RH Carpenter said...

WOW! Love seeing the paintings - so many!! I may have to talk Jerry into taking a day trip :) And you look fabulous - the hair, the blue (my favorite color, of course). I'm sure it was a wonderful opening and I hope you have many sales.

debwardart said...

Thanks ladies!

Ginny Stiles said...

Oh Deb, can't wait to see those flowers in a painting!
You hair looked fantastic!!!!!
And you do look super in blue.
Thanks again for everything.