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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Blog Comments

My husband asked me to show him my blog the other evening. After reading a few posts, his comment was “it’s a lot like talking to yourself”.

I think he’s right! I know I’m getting “hits” since I was, through some miracle of computer time and space warp, able to get a site meter uploaded. Now I’d like to do the same with my website, but . . . due to slow internet, everything takes me so long to do. And, by now, I’m sure that I will never remember how the heck I got the thing linked here, oh well.

So, anyway, yesterday, July 4, 2008, was the one year anniversary of my website and, once again, while the nation went outside and celebrated (and, according to various PSA announcements, lost body parts and suffered many and severe injuries due to fireworks accidents!) I remained inside, safely but slowly attempting to blog and add to my website. (I did not want to be outside anyway since it was raining – again!).

However, after hours of attempting to update the aforementioned website, and losing some info before it got saved, and then attempting to publish it, but it wouldn’t make the connection, I gave up in sheer frustration. Compounding my frustration with the computer was my frustration of attempting to do some beading while waiting on the computer.

While I love living in the country, I do envy you city folks your high speed internet. Guess everything in life is a trade off!

Since it seems we should always have a picture attached to our blog, but I had none to go with this particular topic, here is a photo of me at the 2007 Viewpoint - my painting is the pears above my left shoulder. They sold! (Also note my wonderful sense of fashion - gee, how I love to get dressed up!)

p.s. This morning I was finally able to update the website. If you haven’t seen it, you can go to my link or just hit this:


RHCarpenter said...

Deb, it's not talking to yourself - it's sharing your artwork with the world!!! :) I like your photo - black is always appropriate for artists to wear (we don't want to clash with our paintings).

Anonymous said...

Hey Deb I added a link on my website to your blog, I am going to try to include as many of KHAC members as I can so we can have a nice network of artists going.