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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Painting Lace

This is another in my casein series of lace, fruit, flowers, etc. using some of my grandmother’s things. There is one more in this series planned, if I can just get the picture figured out and drawn!

I do enjoy working in a series. Sometimes the series is planned in advance, but sometimes it dawns on me that I’m doing a series without realizing it. I’ve got several paintings composed of roses, peonies, pears, that I didn’t really realize until I sat down and looked at my digital photos the other day. Well, DUH!

Anyway, I’m very pleased with the lace on this one. My husband said I have the cup, etc. too high, there is too much lace. Well, gee, this was planned to be “all about the lace”. I took the coffee cup which appeared in my original photo and redrew it shorter and wider to become a tea cup, and made up the rose patterns on the cup and saucer.

Even my Darling Daughter (my harshest critic) whose normal critique always consists of “needs more detail” said “Looks good, lots of detail.” And my husband’s final comment was “you have raised the bar” – which I think means that I’m improving (maybe?).

Hope you enjoy looking at the “in progress” photos.

Pears and Lace, casein on watercolor board, 18x14

1 comment:

laura said...

The lace is simply astounding. What a subject to take on, and to do so much of! I find when I try to do lace, if I concentrate on detail it looks too belabored, and if I don't, it looks unconvincing or haphazard! Yours is perfect!