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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


This is the third year I have participated in an art fair at a local church. Last year and this year I did a demonstration of watercolor. I hung last year’s painting in my booth – it was “Frank’s Apples”. (See my post from May 6, 2008). This year I worked on a basket of flowers, and will be posting that at some point.

A friend of mine, Shirley, also had a booth. Both of our husbands helped us set up the night before and then we went out to dinner. During the day on Saturday she and I got to chat a bit with each other, and there were a couple other artists there who I know, so it made for a pleasant day.

Demonstrating draws people to you, of course. A few years ago I would have been way too shy and self-conscious to paint in public, but now it doesn’t bother me at all. The best audience seems to be the kids! They have no qualms about telling you either what you are doing wrong or, on the other hand, how much they like it. Plus, doing something besides sitting around all day makes the day go faster. And Saturday just flew by! So many folks stopped by to chat, a few to buy (yippee) and some, of course, just to pass the time – and let me know that they/their sister/friend/aunt/nephew etc. was also a painter!

I was dreading the tear down because I’m on my own at the end of the day (my husband doesn’t do that part – and truly the only reason he helps me set up is because I treat him to dinner!!!). I was in the basement this year and had resigned myself to 6 or 7 trips up and down the stairs – but Shirley and her husband showed up to help me! So it only took us 2 trips! They are really great people!

Since I did fairly well this year, guess I’ll try to enter again next year!

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