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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


The final few days of 2008 were spent CLEANING (YUK!) what I jokingly refer to as “my studio” which is really just part of the library that I took over when space ran out in my office (which will be the next thing that needs cleaning). So the studio/library is about ½ cleaned up. Took me 2 days to go through the books and after a friend sorted through them, then my daughter, I have one box of books to either donate or give away or burn, whichever comes first. But don’t worry, none of them are art books! At least the shelves look nicer. Now all (ALL???) I have to do is clean the rest of the room – and my office, and my closets and . . . . .

The worst thing about cleaning like this is that it will look worse before it looks better, since I have to move everything out to decide what to keep and then decide where to put it.
But, at least I’m doing something about it, while telling myself that I’ll never let it get this bad again of course - yeah, right??? (lol)

Several blogs have referred to cleaning up studios, etc. - seems like the beginning of a new year brings out our “nesting syndrome”. The photos posted below are some photos of my mess.
Do any of you allow your painting or living areas to get into this horrific state of disaster, too? Let me know that I’m not the only one – PLEASE!

NOTE: By posting these photos perhaps the humiliation will force me to clean up quickly in order to post the “after” photos. Please don’t think too badly of me!
On the upside – don’t my shelves (below) look neat!!!

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