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Thursday, September 10, 2009


We all have our favorite brush, don’t we! Mine used to be an Isabey sable, 1 in. flat. (Now I do still love it, but use it for my caseins and fluid acrylics).
Some years ago I was searching for inexpensive but good brushes for students and came upon the Ebony Splendor brushes (sold at ASW and Jerry’s). When I saw them in the catalog I didn’t hold out much hope, but when I got them and tried them I was really happily surprised. Since that time they have become my primary brushes and are what I recommend to my students. Due to their low price, when they become “scraggly” at the tip, I don’t feel compelled to hang onto them the way I would with a more expensive brush, I just throw them out and buy a new set – for the cost of a single brush! And if I happen to lose one, I’m not upset! You can get a set of either 3 flats (1/4 in., ½ in. and 1 in.) or 7 rounds – each set about $17-18 (of course the prices have gone up – mine were in the neighborhood of $12.99!). They are also sold separately. (And if you are counting – there are only 6 of the rounds in the photo; somewhere along the way I’ve lost one of the smaller ones).
I also like this Cheap Joe’s American Journey #8 round which was a gift to me – it’s got a great point.
Another one I like is this Black Velvet ¾ in. 3008S flat by Silver. It’s made of squirrel hair and black synthetic, but very soft and really holds a lot of paint. I purchased it at the Chicago Art Expo last year upon the recommendation of Karen Vernon. I can’t remember the price, maybe in the $20 range?
Some of us swear by sable, others like synthetic. Anyone care to share info about their favorite brush – what kind is it and why do you like it so much?


Vicki Greene said...

I have a Black Velvet #8 round that has a great point and I use it for just about everything. It was very inexpensive and works better for me than my expensive #8 sable.

Cindi said...

darn wish you had this thread 2 weeks ago.. i was trying to decide about brushes..

so armed with info from friends, i went the expensive route to see what the heck i was missing.. got them and so far im not that excited.. so yesterday i odered my old favorite brushes theulta round by loew cornell.. they are as good imho, as the ones that were 10 times the price.. they always keep a point, they are bouncy and they hold sufficient water, for me.. and if i need more water. plus i can always use my isabey or a large flat for washes.. i think the 14 is aprox $14.00.. and a big plus, if they start looking shabby, i can buy another with out robbing the bank!! altho i had this last set, for almost 7 years and i paint often..

will be checking abck to see others thoughts..

debwardart said...

Vicki and Cindi - thanks for your comments. It's always interesting to get new info - we can all learn from one another.

RHCarpenter said...

I've used the Loew-Cornell golden taklon synthetics since taking a workshop with Janet Rogers a few year's ago. They work great. I do have a couple of Kolinsky sables I use for wet-in-wet at times but reach for those LC's all the time. And like Cindi said, cheap enough to just order another 2 or 3 when they get a bit ragged.