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Monday, September 28, 2009


When left alone in a doctor’s waiting room, the quiet must settle my mind – the gurgle of the (seawater) fish tank pump (with some cute little clown fish, some pretty colorful ones and one really, really big ugly fish); low volume Muzak featuring what sounds like Yanni (or is that Yawni!); drops of rain on the skylight; the nurse shuffling papers; the whir of the copier – all a gentle white noise.

The ideas start to flow and everything seems a good idea! Well, why not – I’m a captive – only my mind is free to roam.
A list of necessary jobs for ViewPoint consumes several minutes – I’m chomping at the bit to get them completed.
Then a short list of pictures to paint – some begun, some not.
Another list of the order in which it all should be done.

I’m full of energy and hope! I know it won’t last – as soon as I get home I’ll get right on the ViewPoint because I have to, then the excitement will fade and it will be so easy to forget and let it all slide again. That’s my usual modus operandi – guess I’m just a dreamer at heart.

More waiting time . . .
ideas for fixing up my painting area at home
ideas for a commission
“Why is lighting so bad in an eye doctor’s office – perhaps he’s creating his own future patients?”
“Why didn’t I bring that granola bar?” (that’s sitting on the dining room table at home)
“Will I feel “icky” looking at that eye patch?”
read a little – but - bad lighting, remember!
walk around the room and stretch
“Nurse is playing solitaire on the computer – wonder what she gets paid?”
“My hair needs a trim”
count waiting room chairs – 25 – seriously???? - think that many people are ever here waiting? How large a patient backlog would that represent? Maybe some folks bring the whole tribe!
look out the window at the rain – which has been coming down in fits and spurts all week
watch the fish again
find some information about ophthalmic (ocular) migraines
“I could use a laptop right now – think of the timesaving that would be”
read a little more . . .
think about lunch – “Will I be on an eye patch diet?” (It didn’t bother me, nor did seeing the actual eye post surgery!)

Finally I hear my husband’s voice – I can find him in any crowd if I just listen a moment! He’s been regaling the operating room staff with tales of cows, no doubt!

Finally ready to head out on this dreary day and get my “work” day started after lunch – at 3 p.m.!!!

I’ll have to wait for the next waiting room experience to fuel my creative energy again!


RHCarpenter said...

Wait a minute? You had surgery on your eye? Did I read that into this or was that a subtle story about eye surgery? What??

Ginny Stiles said...

So Deb...with this stream of consciousness writing (so wonderful) I am left just slightly wondering if you just had surgery on your eye or was this a while ago? If you are currently wearing an eye patch? I need a photo of you playing pirate! You sound upbeat. I like that. Hope all is well. You'll see I just came off 15 hours of an electrical black out up here (see my post). Yuck.

debwardart said...

Not me, my husband - hence the reason he had been regaling the operating room with cow tales and I was left alone in the waiting room!!! He's fine by the way - he gets over stuff quickly - but looks a bit goofy (goofier than usual!) with one lens out of his glasses - his other eye surgery will be in mid-October.
Sorry Ginny - no pirate patch for me! He had a white one for a day, tho - maybe next surgery I'll post that!

RHCarpenter said...

Say "Arrrrr" to Mike for me, Deb :) Glad he recovers quickly.