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Sunday, September 20, 2009


Must give a big thanks to my husband! He helped me hang my show at the FCN Bank in Harrison, OH as well as carry in my bin and card rack the evening of the reception. And he will also help me take it all down!

The reception was Thursday evening and I must admit I was a bit nervous - that no one would come! But, like my first solo show (if you offer food they will come!) some did come!

Had more of a turnout than I anticipated (in the 40+ range) – so at least it wasn’t just Mike and me sitting around! Mike asked the bank manager how the turnout compared to other openings and it was about “average”. The manager also said it depends on how many friends and family the artist has! Since I have a non-caring family and only a few friends, you can imagine my excitement at seeing real, live people walk in the door! Several came from the various art clubs, some from my classes and a few who saw it advertised or were just coming to the bank and saw it.

The bank provided a small buffet and a good friend came bearing a lovely bouquet!

I did make a few small sales, so basically I will consider it a success!


Cindi said...

yippee!!! how fun is that.. especially now that its over lol
congrats on the better than average turn out.. considering no family, that pushes it up 2 notches.. into better than!!! wish i was closer i'd a dropped by..... you'll be happy to know, im working on a frog... that i poured and used pebeo on.. so far so good !!! but that as far as ive

RHCarpenter said...

Well, I think a crowd of this size is a very good turnout - congratulations to you! And good luck on more sales and interest. I may just have to take a short drive over and see them all together.

Deb L├ęger said...

Congrats on the sales and the show, Deb!

Vicki Greene said...

Congratulations Deb! I don't think we realize how much energy we put into these things until they are over and we can take a deep breath. Thank goodness for DHs.

Ginny Stiles said...

Congratulations Deb! On a successful show!!! How wonderful!!!! 40+ is a very very good showing!

Gaylynn said...

Yeah for You!!!! I am happy for you and your following. I know no one that sees your work will be disappointed. Here's to many more solo show!

debwardart said...

Thanks to all of you for your kind words.
Cindi - can't wait to see the frog!
Rhonda - please do drop in - anytime the bank is open - you can bring your hubby and make it a "date" - there is an O'Charley's and Cracker Barrel right there, plus other eateries close by.
Vicki - yep, hubbies are helpful!
Thanks again Gaylynn, Ginny and Deb.

Arti said...

Congrats, Deb...It must feel good!