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Saturday, September 26, 2009


And it came to pass that the land was in grayness for many days.
Morning was as evening, day was as night.
And the rain fell from the sky both night and day for many days.
People hid under umbrellas, cars splashed in puddles.
And the citizens were sad and depressed.
Children could not play outside.
And the mothers were sad and depressed.

But then a great lightness came into the sky.
Puddles disappeared and the lakes sparkled.
Babies cried and toddlers held close to their mothers as they looked up at the sky.
And the citizens were frightened.
“What is this strange light that comes down from the sky?” they asked their elders.

“Ahhhh” exclaimed the elders. “Fear not this strange light, for it has been seen here before. This light is good and is called – SUNLIGHT.”
And the people saw that the light was good, for it let the children play outside and the mothers were happy.
And it allowed the citizens to come out from under the umbrellas, and the cars were dry and clean.
And at last the citizens of Cincinnati and surrounding areas, including southeastern Indiana . . . .
. . . . were happy!


Vicki Greene said...

LOL - this is great.

Cindi said...

i think i told you my hubby is from ohio.. this will bring him a laugh... heres hoping that warm round yellow thing in the sky, keep you all happy for a long time :)

Ginny Stiles said...

Yes, that is good. Sunshine...light.
BUT in northern WI the drought has become so serious that people are fearful their lakes will dry up! Us included. WE NEED RAIN desperately. Today it rained.
Now we need about 50 days of it. (I can say this because we are leaving for Illinois on Friday. So easy for me to say! ).

debwardart said...

First we had rain - days of it - and now lots of sun but also lots of wind. Maybe the wind will blow the rain north where it is needed! Especially since next week we are headed south!!!

Kathy Wirth said...


RHCarpenter said...

Yes, the sunshine was gone for so long, we had forgotten what it was when it returned and had lost our sunglasses and squinted and looked mean (even if we were not) at strangers also driving by and squinting! And what's up with the wind, now??? It's going to be a roller-coaster of a winter, I just know it...

debwardart said...

. . . . and the dreary days are back again - Welcome to Cincinnati Weather - our motto "Wait an Hour or Two - It Will Change!) - we should come with a warning label!