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Friday, June 22, 2012


The coral bells were blooming but their leaves were in rather muted tones, duller in color that some that I used to have in the garden; guess it’s just a different type of plant. However, I immediately thought of a poured painting when I saw them, so snagged a photo of them.

Something called Mountain Hydrangea was blooming and I thought it was pretty – as you can see the flowerets are much larger and the shape of the bloom is more oval than what we think of for a hydrangea. There were several bushes, all white blooms, so I don’t know if they bloom in any other colors. They had a slightly sweet scent which I leaned in to smell and it wasn’t until a couple minutes later as I zoomed my camera in on a bloom that I realized this bush was covered in bees. I absolutely HATE insects of any kind, but I kept my cool and just stepped back and walked away, no worse for wear. Guess these bees were just too busy to bother with stinging me!


William Cook said...

Hi Deb--That first shot is out of the park. That would make an incredible painting, or the photo all by itself is fantastic. Everything including the negative spaces is working.

debwardart said...

Wow, thanks Bill! I plan on using that one for a poured painting if I get the time to do it!