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Saturday, June 16, 2012


A group to which I belong, the Queen City Art Club, has several shows a year in the Greater Cincinnati area. The next one will be at the Civic Garden Center in the Clifton area. Instructions said that the Garden Center wanted paintings featuring their plants and landscape, so a plein air paint out or photography session was organized. The first was rained out and I could not attend the second, so I stopped by after our last GCWS meeting to take some photos. It was a beautiful day, but not that much was blooming – so my choices were pretty much plants that were green, green or green! And green is NOT my favorite color.

When I walked through the garden, the benches and chairs caught my eye, as well as the design elements from the pagoda and old stone building – which has a roof garden (that was not quite ready for the summer).

There is also an old house on the property, but, try as I might, I couldn’t figure out where the path or drive was to get to that. When I went into the facility there was no one around to ask, and I could not find an information sheet with any directions. By that time it was getting to be late mid-afternoon and I was tired, hungry and thirsty so I headed home.

But I took some photos that are inspiration for my paintings. I’ll be doing paintings in acrylic on canvas – they will be small, quick to complete and won’t need to be framed, since the area in which to hang is small and price will also be a consideration.

This facility, while in the heart of the city, is surrounded by wooden fences and plantings and is remarkably quiet.

As I walked around the paths I discovered a little fish pond which is close to the main building, very close to the street. This was the only place that was noisy – due to road repair going on across the street. Even with the noise, it was a tranquil spot. I took some photos and discovered two fish just at the base of the waterfall and decided to take their photos up close and personal.

Imagine this tranquil waterfall located on a busy city street!
They apparently (1) are shy or (2) thought I looked like a great blue heron because as soon as I climbed up on the rocks above them they darted to the cover of floating plant leaves that covered almost half of the pond and refused to come back out. This was the best photo of them I was able to get.

The shy fish.
But – on the gravel path to the pond are these delightful rocks in the shape of fish – and I was so impressed with the cleverness and workmanship of the little (I guess you would call them) rock sculptures.

The path is lined with these lovely little sculptures of rocks shaped like fish!
For more information:   Civic Garden Center


Ginny Stiles said...

So enjoyed these photos Deb.
How are you!!!
It's been a long time since our lunch at Cracker Barrel.
We should do that again.
I'll let you know next time we are coming through your way.
I loved the little waterfalls but find moving water VERY challenging to paint.
Everyone has been doing post cards...I got left behind on that project. Is it an exchange like ATCs?

debwardart said...

Sounds like fun, Ginny. This will be an art show at this facility, not postcards, though. I just needed some smaller works. Hope you are enjoying your summer in Wisc. and hope it is much cooler up there - it was 86 deg. today at 8 p.m. and that's HOT!!!