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Saturday, August 18, 2012


It doesn’t seem like a hard thing to change, but I had to wrap my head around it and tried repainting that area several times. Finally I just let it sit a while and then decided to use fog as the metaphor, plus that would not entail repainting. After I floated in the fog and touched up some of the trees, I let him see it again.

This time he was very happy with it, so I signed and varnished it and framed it and have now presented it to him.
Randy's Bridge, fluid acrylic on canvas, 18x36


Christiane Kingsley said...

It's beautiful, Deb! I really like the idea of the fog as metaphor: you have the perfect balance between the mystery and the color. Really well done!

Jeanette said...

Its a beauty Deb. The background colours against the darkness of the covered bridge are lovely.

I was in New Brunswick a couple of weeks ago and saw my first covered bridges. I can see the appeal in wanting a painting of one.

debwardart said...

Thanks my Canadian friends! Always good to hear from you.

Kimberly Vanlandingham said...

Beautiful! Makes me think of Christmas!

mollie jones said...

Beautiful painting, Deb...who wouldn't be happy with this one. Was also happy to get my NWS card with your painting on it when I got back from Florida...just love knowing famous people.

M.Rajeshkumar said...

Beautiful..painting...i like this...!

debwardart said...

Kimberly - it does kind of!
Mollie - hardly famous! Just excited!
M.R. - thank you.