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Friday, April 26, 2013


Just after lunch, I happened to look outside and saw a woman walking through my side yard.

“Big deal” you are probably thinking.

Well, considering that my “side yard” is surrounded by 135 acres of woods and fields, this IS kind of a big deal! We don’t get many people wandering through the “side yard”.

Since it was a woman, I didn’t feel too threatened (had it been a man, I probably would have locked the door and gotten my husband). Anyway, I stepped onto the deck and asked if I could help her. Well, of course she needed help – she was lost.

She had been visiting at her parents house and went into the woods to look for mushrooms (this is a big deal in our area in the spring) and had apparently followed the “wrong” creek. She said she was supposed to follow the creek to a certain point with a fence, but since she was obviously on the wrong creek, she never found that point. She had been wandering for over 3 hours and had apparently been trekking around our property for a while and finally made it to the house.

I invited her in and after drinking a tall glass of ice water, and calming down – she was obviously nervous and probably scared – I asked where her parents live and I was surprised how far she had wandered!

Long story short, I drove her back to her parents’ home and we chatted. She had an adventure, and I had one too since I got to drive down a road I’ve never been on in all the years we have lived here (since 1979!) - I actually had always thought it was a driveway!

She was very nice and even offered to pay me for driving her back (what??? No way!!!) but I told her, the next time she takes a walk in the woods, to bring along a bottle of water (it was around 80 deg. that day) and her cell phone and perhaps some ID – just in case.

I’m sure she will regale her family with her tale over the dinner table tonight!

This is also a tale of caution – we hear on the news quite often that someone becomes lost while on a hike or camping trip. She was lucky she found us and got a safe ride home.


Kathy Wirth said...

Deb, I have two paintings in the Rising Sun Art Show also (Lone Leaf and Cathadral Window). Hope to see you at the opening next Friday evening!

laura said...

Nice story! I got a bit lost in some small woods in New Hampshire: I was in a B&B on a painting workshop and went for a walk in the adjacent woods before dinner; after a while I realized I was off the path--and that I hadn't told anyone where I was going. I turned around and finally came out on the road about 1/2 mile away!

debwardart said...

Laura, good thing you were smart enough to turn around - and hope you will now either go with a partner or tell someone so they can send the search party for you!