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Monday, April 22, 2013


First, you are probably aware that my posts have been few and far between lately. That’s partly because I’ve been too busy to get online - - and because I’m having problems with the internet – not sure if it’s Yahoo, or just because of all of the commotion over the Boston Bombers and the ‘net has been overloaded. Anyway – hang in there and I’ll post when I can until this problem resolves itself (as most computer problems usually do).

I received a surprise call from two good friends who were at the Southern Arts Society in Kings Mountain, NC to see the National Watercolor Society traveling show!

They were reporting in – “live” - to tell me what a great venue it was (an old renovated train depot) and how beautiful all of the paintings looked! I was told that my painting was hanging next to Cindy Brabec-King and facing Nick Simmons! Also hanging on the walls were paintings by Kathleen Conover, Dean Mitchell, Carol Frye and Cheng Khee Chee, to name a few.


I was excited to know that my painting is traveling around the country and hanging next to some of the “big names” in the watercolor world. This may never happen again, so I’m gonna enjoy it while it lasts!

Then I received word that my painting “Japanese Tea” will be in the Rising Sun, IN spring juried show. Wish me luck!

As a side note - the painting that won an award in the WACC show was also entered in the Rising Sun show - and didn't even make it in!  See - what did I tell you - this just goes to prove how subjective judging a show is!


RH Carpenter said...

Wow, indeed, Deb! You are striving to get in harder shows and you are doing it!!!

Harra said...

Hi, Deb. I'm from Michigan, but was in North Carolina several weeks ago to attend Kanuga Watermedia Workshops. Luckily, found out about the NWS travel show just soon enough to allow us to change our plans a bit, and we were able to attend the (regular) opening in Kings Mountain. It was indeed a great venue, and I loved your painting. It was my personal favorite in the show. I've just now happened on your blog and website, and I expect I will be following it regularly. Congratulations on your well deserved successes.

debwardart said...

Hi Rhonda!
Hello Katherine and thanks for stopping by. Glad you were able to see the NWS show in person, and certainly thank you for your compliment. Hope to see more of your comments here!