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Friday, May 3, 2013


I then laid in the miskit – and found out that one of my bottles of miskit had gone bad - it was the Winsor & Newton white miskit. Any time I use any of the white miskits, no matter the brand, it seems they don’t last very long before they go “beige” and clumpy. Have no idea why that would be (if anyone has the answer, please let me know).

For some of the areas in the window I used some drafting tapes that come in a roll in various widths. I’ve had these forever, but never used them. This proves that it’s always good to buy things you don’t really need, but think you might some day use, to stick in your paint supplies so they will be there whenever you need them!

I used regular old Scotch tape – yep, the transparent kind we all have in our desks – on the lines for the left side where the blue is.


Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

Deb, I have given up on Winsor Newton miskit for that doesn't last well at all before it is clumpy and gets hard to use. I now use Pebeo Drawing Gum and like it the best. I can buy the large bottle and it lasts, without thickening into a rubber ball, until all used up. In addition, it shows up better than the WN white on the white paper.

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Deb - thanks for sharing your tips...never used scotch tape before - will pack this though away in helpful hints. Have a great week-end.

Ginny Stiles said...

Oh gosh...those miskits all go bad in about a year.
No reason. They just don't last long.
Someone told me there is solvent you buy to add to them to re-instate them. But I don't remember what it is. Better to buy small bottles and once I bought one and it had ALREADY set up! (sent back of course). They go old on the shelf at the store sometimes! You don't know how old they are. I store mine upside down and some folks say put them in the fridge and that extends the life. You should write to Winsor Newton and ask them to respond about this. CAn't wait to see this painting proceed.

Christiane Kingsley said...

Thank you for showing us this WIP, Deb. I know that I will find it fascinating. I have never painted glass although I am always attracted to it:-)

laura said...

Really enjoying seeing this whole process, Deb ... Gives me the illusion that maybe I could emulate it!

debwardart said...

Susan - I usually use Pebeo but had run out and had an old one that had already gone bad.
Debbie - it will work great on HP and will also work on CP - and everybody has it!
Ginny - I do buy small bottles - once got the large and I didn't go through it quick enough - and it's all too expensive to waste!
Hi Christiane - I haven't done too much glass but will give it a go again.
Laura - you could do it!