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Friday, May 31, 2013


As I prepare to leave on my annual painting retreat - I won't leave  you hanging over Sparkles' health.

After several days having pills blown into her mouth while the herd looked on, Sparkles is now up and walking, although still limping on one leg.  This has got to be a good sign! 

When I return late next week I'll see how she's doing and if she's still doing well, I think we can safely say that Dr. Mike did the trick (with a little help from the vet and his wife!!!)

Hopefully I will also return with some painting photos to share.

Stay tuned and have a great week (or more!)  I know that I will!


RH Carpenter said...

Glad Sparkles will make a good recovery - now tell her to stay off those stilettos and she'll be fine! ha ha (And yes, now I have a picture of that calf wearing heels and perhaps a yellow boa around her neck! ha ha) Well, YOU named her Sparkles!

Ginny Stiles said...

Well, I've been away from my blog followings for awhile and so I had to go back and update this calf adventure. OMGosh. Poor little guy. So glad Sparkles is up and walking. I can't believe how big a baby calf really is up close and personal!!! Poor mom! But at least up is so good otherwise how to nurse? Right?

Good luck on the next art adventure too and so enjoyed watching the lovely bottles come to life!

Kimberly Vanlandingham said...

Glad Sparkles is doing ok. Farm life!!! I know what you're going thru!