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Thursday, May 23, 2013


Sorry I have been tardy with responses to your comments, and with posts.

Blame it on the Internet (not me personally).

Lately I either can't get onto the internet at all, or it's slower than pouring molasses in January.  I think sending smoke signals might be quicker.

I think it can mainly be blamed on Yahoo - which is apparently messing around with their programs, as far as I can tell.   

If I can ever get back into my emails - which I can see listed - and actually receive and respond to them - which I'm currently unable to do, even though Yahoo says that their new email will be "quicker" (laughing out loud while sobbing profusely) - I'll be back to sending and receiving and getting onto the blog more frequently.

If anyone has any suggestions as to how to resolve my problems (that don't include violence!!!!!) please let me know.

Until then - hang in there - there has got to be a solution to this.

In other news - - - I found out that my painting "Red Paisley Scarf" has been selected for the Ohio Watercolor Society show this year!  So - there is some good news in my life!!


William Cook said...

Ug--Harrunph. Hi Deb--How about another email service--for emergency use until they get it straightened out. I have several-- all free--never use them but they're there just in case. You need a workaround. How about a new Yahhoo address even. Can you have two?

Christiane Kingsley said...

Congratulations on having that gorgeous painting in the Ohio Watercolor Society Show and good luck with your internet!

Debbie Nolan said...

Deb - congratulations on your "Paisley Scarf" - wonderful news.

As for the internet I understand...I have discovered that not all my comments are coming into my emails (hotmail- for some reason)- no clue why?? Maybe Yahoo and Hotmail are joining up to vex us!!:) - Have a good week-end.

debwardart said...

Hi Bill - yep - I'm gonna get another email - don'tcha just LUV computers!!!!!
Thanks Christiane and Debbie!
Debbie - we are in the same boat, I think; living in rural areas probably makes it a bit harder on us!