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Thursday, September 19, 2013


I had to drop my painting in Indianapolis for the Watercolor Society of Indiana show, so asked two friends to come along for the ride. (Thank goodness, since one had the GPS device and one checked the map and we STILL got lost!).

We ended up downtown at the Riverwalk for lunch. It was such a beautiful day, we ate on the terrace at the Indiana State Museum – and here was our view!

After lunch we walked for a while until we came to this beautiful bridge – makes you think of Venice, doesn’t it! – so we crossed and went back on the other side of the canal.
Even though it was a Tuesday, there were still plenty of folks walking, jogging, walking their dogs, using the peddle boats, cycling – and some shuffling along as we were! (Of course, it’s hard to walk fast and take photos!)

Line of peddle boats sparking in the sun - guess they are
waiting for a busy fall weekend!
I’m always impressed by Indy. We used to bring the kids up when they were little and we would stay overnight at the Holiday Inn Downtown. It was part of the old train depot and you could even spend the night in some refurbished train cars. There was a huge area of shops, places for the kids to play, and restaurants, all right downtown. I think that’s gone now, but not sure since we were slightly west of the downtown area. I always thought their zoo was much nicer than Cincy’s, and they have a huge Children’s Museum and we’ve been to the Indianapolis Museum of Art several times for exhibits.

Indy has certainly revitalized the downtown area, and this Riverwalk is spectacular!


Kimberly Vanlandingham said...

Looks like it turned out to be a fun trip! Glad someone had the gps!!!

Katherine Thomas said...

That does look like a beautiful day! And are you going to go back for the show too? I would! Congratulations on the signature status too!

debwardart said...

Thanks! Will go to the opening - will receive an award, too!