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Saturday, September 28, 2013


This was tooooo funny!

We get our eggs from neighbors up the road. When I opened up this carton I was certainly surprised to find that our eggs had been named!

My husband and I think this carton may have contained someone’s Easter eggs – and the kids had all put their names in line with the eggs they had decorated. It’s a theory, anyway.

(We may have eaten some “named” beef before - but certainly never any named eggs!)


Katherine Thomas said...

Oh dear.... I don't think I could eat them!

debwardart said...

Katherine - LOL - those eggs were mighty tasty!

Barb Sailor said...

This is too funny! Living here in rural Ohio for many years, now, I have often wondered how the children who raise animals can sell them to be butchered at the fair. I never considered "eggs"...and such interesting names, too! :)

debwardart said...

Barb, just never know what to expect in life! It was a pleasure to get to meet you yesterday at GCWS.