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Thursday, March 19, 2015


My daughter texted me to ask if I could produce a thank you card with a goose for her husband.  He wanted to send it to the folks on whose land he had been hunting.  I asked if a Canadian goose would work and he said yes.
My quick background painted - with my NEW QoR watercolor set from Golden.
Even though we get a lot of geese on the lake, I have no photos of them, so I went online to get some reference photos.  I decided the ones of the geese in flight were more interesting, so I drew out my goose on regular paper, enlarged it, then transferred it to a ¼ sheet of watercolor paper and did a loose, washy background.  I put a bit more detail into the goose itself, but not as much as I normally would.
Quick painting, almost done.
When the painting was complete, I took a photo and uploaded it to my software program, then cropped it and put it into my note card template.
Added a bit more feathers and a bit of gray-ish to the white on his head.
Here is the finished painting.
Anything for my Favorite Son-in-Law!
Canadian Goose in Flight, watercolor, ¼ sheet Arches watercolor paper


Carol Blackburn said...

Oh that's so nice! And how wonderful of her to ask you to paint a special card and not just go buy one at the store. She appreciates your talents.

RH Carpenter said...

He'll love it and so will the people who receive the card. But as a bird person, I have to tell you it's Canada geese or goose - not Canadian. And yes, it makes no sense, but that's what it is! ha ha
The plural of goose is geese
Why isn't the plural of moose then meese? Oh, right, that's the plural of mouse! ha ha

debwardart said...

LOL Rhonda - I stand corrected! But the way I drew and painted it, maybe it is Canadian after all - created my own species???
Carol, sometimes she appreciates me, but he always does!!!

Debbie Nolan said...

I am sure your son-in-law is going to love this. So wonderful. I do think geese in flight are more interesting. Hope you have a lovely week-end.