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Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Recently I was asked to give a pouring workshop to a local group of artists who work in all different media - the Colerain Artists in Cincinnati.

This was one day from 10 - 4.  Unfortunately, we were asked to leave a bit earlier so we didn't get them all finished.  And, of course, even though my intention was to get some WIP photos taken, that was not the case - will I ever learn???

So - here are a couple of nice overview photos of the space we used.  It was nice and evenly bright, the tables were large and round so 2 to a table worked perfectly with all of our paraphernalia for pouring.

Lots of laughter, lots of groans, lots of chatting - hmmm - could that be why we didn't all finish our paintings?

Last but not least, here are the painting I used as my example - on the top - and the painting I completed the next day at home.  I had most of it finished, except for another pour.  Then I gave it another good pour once all the miskit was on.
This was my example piece, painted a few years ago.

This was the piece I worked on at the workshop and then finished at home.
Which of these paintings to you prefer?  Identical picture, watercolor poured, but both quite different!


Christiane Kingsley said...

Deb, I love both of them, but I think I prefer the colors of the first one.
I have not done any pouring in quite a while...after looking at your beautiful pieces, I feel like trying it again.

Katherine Thomas said...

I'm in awe! That's a really nice facility and a big group of people! It must have taken so much preparation on your part, and it must be so hard to instruct something like this. I enjoy taking a daylong workshop, but I could never lead one. Love that painting too!

debwardart said...

Christiane, it's always fun to do something out of the ordinary - and it works!
Katherine, I really enjoy teaching workshops. If memory serves you were a teacher - now THAT'S awe inspiring!