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Monday, July 20, 2015


Since so many of you have asked about the pigs and piggies - I thought I'd include some photos.

Here are Mom and Dad - whoa, not such a pretty sight!!!!
But here come the little piggies - they are about to be fed and they know it!  The rooster is "Ranger" who was bequeathed to us by my son's fiance's aunt - who raised him from a chick and hand fed him, so he's still pretty tame.  Our rooster decided he didn't like him much, fought him off - even though he's smaller than Ranger - which left Ranger to fend for himself.  So he moved in with the pigs and seems quite content!
We started with 5 piglets - one of the males was sold.  2 of these are female who will remain with us to procreate when the time comes.  Two are castrated males - who will be quite tasty, I'm sure!

Yum - - - B A C O N!!!!!


RH Carpenter said...

But which one is Babe?? haha

Carol Blackburn said...

Piglets are such fun to watch. Nice photos.

debwardart said...

Guess Babe will have to be the one we DON'T eat!!! LOL