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Thursday, June 17, 2010


I’m b-a-a-a-a-a-c-k! Didja miss me??

While at my painting retreat I somehow managed to ruin one of my starts.  I can hear you all saying to yourself "wow, imagine that; that NEVER happens to me!!!"  What began as a cheerful and light painting suddenly, and without warning, turned into some sort of muddy, greyed down, purple-y sort of disaster - the poster child for what not to do to a painting!
But I did manage to get some of my other starts finished and begin another picture, so the next couple of posts will be showing you those.

First up is a flag painting started in April!  (Speed kills!)
The picture on the right is how it looked when I took it to Tennessee - the next post will be the completed painting.  "Gotta make ya wate ah wile!!!!" as they say in the mountains!
In the meantime, someone asked about the “Painting” game that I took to our retreat. I created it some years ago and loosely based it on a popular children's board game. For the cards I worked in some silly ideas relating to painting; then collaged some pictures from catalogs and art magazines onto the board; bought some chess pieces and painted them and there you have it! I also created a travel version of the game using magnets – but that didn’t get heavy use since there is usually too much talking going on during the drive to and from! This year I created a “new and improved” version which was played with much vigor, laughter, choking, tears (of laughter!) with a small percentage of wine involved!  Another fun-filled week of art, food and friends!


Lisa Walsh said...

Market that game, Deb, and there's your million dollar idea. Now you need to have a workshop so a bunch of us can come and play.

RHCarpenter said...

Well, this is looking good, even if it's taken long? work on it again! ha ha And I have a feeling that the ruined one was due to maybe a bit too much wine? So you can whine about that one but I see you won't - you'll just start another :)

Ginny Stiles said...

Welcome home. Of course we missed you!!!
You ruined a "start"? Oh no, we never do that.
Tsk tsk.
I love flag painting...oh my.
You DO have a flair love.
You keep me coming back to watercolor.
Want to hear more about that game a photo of it on your blog.

Christiane Kingsley said...

We did miss you and it is super to have you back!

debwardart said...

Lisa - don't I wish . . . . You are always welcome to come and play!
Rhonda - there was some whining and some wining and dining, but not too much whining, perhaps because of the wine!
Ginny - all of these are fluid acrylic, not watercolor!
Thanks Christiane - and all - it's good to be missed!