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Friday, November 15, 2013

5th Annual Watermedia Showcase

Today I’m sharing an exciting honor that I just learned about.

My painting Ying Yang Mums - the painting featured at the top of my blog (also in the 2012 NWS show) - was accepted into the Watermedia Showcase – I’m thrilled!

Until I saw my name “in print” on the internet site – see the “blurb” below – I didn’t really believe it.  I cannot believe that my painting placed, while paintings from some amazing and well known artists received honorable mentions.


I intend to enjoy my time in the spot light – you know how that light can fade quickly! 

From the Watercolor Artist Website:
The recipe for a good painting can be boiled down to seven basic elements: line, shape, form, space, color, value and texture. But a great painting possesses something else as well—an additional ingredient that draws us in again and again and continually offers up new discoveries to ponder and appreciate, something beyond a display of technical prowess. Just what that extra special quality is can be difficult to pinpoint, but the artists who took prizes in this year’s Watermedia Showcase have got it in spades.
Today, I’m happy to announce the names of this year’s winners!
Best in Show
Joseph Alleman
2nd Place
Xi Guo
3rd Place
Laurin McCracken
4th Place
Deb Ward

Honorable Mentions
Deborah Chabrian
Jill Krasner
Denny Bond
Johne Richardson
Mark McDermott
Keiko Tanabe
Laurie Goldstein-Warren
Chinmaya Panda
Ali Cavanaugh
Yuki Hall
In the coming weeks, my Watercolor Artist teammates and I will be working to put together the showcase issue (April 2014), which includes reproductions of all 14 exceptional watercolors as well as profiles of the prizewinning artists. The  issue will hit newsstands next year in mid-February, but subscribers will get the first peek around the first week of the month. (If you’re not already a Watercolor Artist subscriber, click here to subscribe today, and make sure you don’t miss this issue).
It was a highly competitive year, with an abundance of wonderful watercolor work. Congratulations to all who won this year, and best of luck to all those who enter next year’s competition!
—Kelly Kane, Editor-in-Chief


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