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Tuesday, November 19, 2013


When I went to the AWS show last summer there was a beautiful Sue Archer painting of a silver object with grapes and apples.  When I showed it to my students they “oohed and ahhed”.  When I told them they could paint that painting they all said “NOOOOOOO”.  So, to prove them wrong, I made a class project a similar painting.

I had discarded my stainless colander (what was I thinking, it would have been perfect for set ups) but had a stainless strainer basket.  I used that for the silver object, added grapes and tomatoes since we had already painted apples.  If the tomatoes look a bit small – they are the Compari vine grown tomatoes which are smaller than regular tomatoes, and the grapes were those big, juicy ones!  Anyway, I also decided to add a tiny bit of lace to the mix.

Here is the Sue Archer painting this painting is based on:

Here is the set up photo that we used for the painting.

1 comment:

Katherine Harra said...

The suspense! Waiting breathlessly to see what comes next - the setup photo is stunning.