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Friday, November 22, 2013


We miskited the white holes in the strainer and counter area and anyplace that looked truly white.  I’m not a believer in leaving some white in your watercolor painting; if I don’t really see white, then I don’t leave it, simple as that.

We did miskit on the tomato highlights, but not the grapes.

I tried to remember to take photos during the process, but did forget and skipped some stages.
Here are the photos I did get:
Miskit applied, grapes started.

Grapes more complete, with pinks added, one/two layers of paint on tomatoes.

More layers on tomatoes.
Tomatoes complete, tomato reflections added, gray on counter top added.
"Marbelized" countertop completed, darks begun on strainer.
Shadows in lace, strainer complete, background complete, ready for deeper shadows.

Here is the photo next to my completed painting:


Barb Sailor said...

Awesome...I love the reflections on the strainer and the light on the doily. Beautiful painting.

debwardart said...

Thanks, Barb! My students thought they couldn't do it, but the all did a great job.

Shelley Whiting said...

This painter is masterfully done. I love all the shadows and how the objects pop. The textures are also superb.

Katherine Harra said...

What a challenge, and how well you did. I'm inspired. I have some glorious photos of a bowl of white eggs, in a wedge of sunshine, I took this morning (no shiny things, I'm not THAT brave yet). I'll start with a careful careful drawing, and, then a little painting, and would like to attempt a full sheet, like the "grown-up" artists do. If I can get it to look like anything, I'll post it. Thanks for the inspiration!

debwardart said...

Thanks Shelley.
Katherine - too funny! Shiny isn't difficult, and I'm sure you can do a "grown up" painting - LOL So get down into your new studio and give it a go!