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Monday, October 6, 2014


After more glazing on the flowers and some "finessing" of the paintings, here are our results.
Here is my finished piece.

Here is my student's completed painting.
So - what do you think?

She is pleased with her painting, as well she should be!

Next I'll be helping her complete a painting from her own photo and idea.  Can't wait!


Sue Marrazzo said...

WOW! Tell YOUR student this is FAB!

RH Carpenter said...

Both look great but I was not happy with the brown-ness of that cloth behind your version, Deb. Sorry!! You could fudge this and give the cloth a bit of yellow tint to bring out the yellows in the flowers? Anway, both look great and I imagine your student was thrilled!

Debbie Nolan said...

Oh Deb both yours and your student's paintings turned out wonderful. I can see you are a great teacher as well as artist. Hope you have a wonderful week.

debwardart said...

Thanks guys.
Rhonda, I agree - no need to be sorry!

Arti said...

You are a great teacher, it seems.Both of the paintings look wonderful.The flowers really pop out!

laura said...

I like the brown: it has a subtle texture; but also like the student's pale gray, which looks very silky.
Both beautiful.
Hey, Deb, will you come to NJ and give me private lessons ... please?!

Jeanette Jobson said...

Beautiful! Both pieces. And this second is a beginner's work? I'm impressed. You're a good teacher, obviously!

I have to disagree, I like that brown linen feel to the cloth, it gives a good contrast to the flowers and the embroidery.

Kim Shirley said...

These are both so beautiful! It's great to see the same subject approached in a slightly different way. I love it. Great job to the both of you!!!

debwardart said...

Thanks Arti!
Laura - how about you come here and we'll kidnap Rhonda and paint all day for a week!!!
Jeanette - the student has painted for a few years - just needs some one-on-one guidance and encouragement.
Thanks Kim!