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Thursday, October 9, 2014

THE NEW PHONE (or: The Reason I Have no Time to Paint!)

I kept saying that I was going to get a “smart phone” this fall.  But I did not specify exactly when “fall” was going to arrive. 
Not to worry – my friend did it for me.
She bought a new iPhone and GAVE me her old one!  So, no more excuses - it was sink or swim.
The phone sat about a week (much to my daughter’s chagrin) before I finally went to Verizon and had it activated.
I was so worried about texting that that’s all I did.  So, when my phone actually rang and I had to answer it, I had no idea what to do!  (Yes, this IS a true story).  
Help!  The phone's ringing!!!!!
Well, I’ve gotten over that and have graduated to being able to take photos (including "selfies") and get them transferred to my computer (via email, but, hey, whatever works – I’m learning!).
I can even change settings and add people to my contact list.
Other times I add them and they just disappear. 
My daughter and my friend’s daughter have become my “phone gurus”! 
Speaking of daughters - my daughter convinced me that I would drop my phone at any moment and it would shatter into smithereens – even though my friend had it for 2 years before and it was in excellent shape.  So . . . .
I purchased an OtterBox to protect it.  
The phone - totally protected from any catastrophe known to man.
(Not even the Ebola virus could figure out how to get into this thing.)
I was thrilled when it came, but then could not figure out how to get the phone into the box!  I waited until my daughter could come over and take a look at it.  Turns out she couldn’t figure it out either but went to the internet on her phone (something I have not yet graduated to doing!) and watched a video.
It’s pretty bad when you not only have a phone that is smarter than you are, but a box to store it in that is smarter, too!
Now my phone is totally protected from splashes, crashes, spills and all manner of other ills.
Wish I was!
ps - my husband hates this photo - guess he doesn't get the humor!


Debbie Nolan said...

Ah Deb - you got me laughing at this post. I didn't even know what selfies were until just recently. As for the cell phone-smart phone - don't own one - maybe someday - but then again maybe not. Especially after reading your post about the box to store it in. (LOL) - Thanks for making my day - have a great one.

RH Carpenter said...

ROFLMAO!!! (And if you don't know what that means, Deb, ask your daughter! ha ha). Isn't it awful that we are getting older and less tech savvy by the minute?!?!? said...

hilarious. I feel the same way about my phone and phone box.

debwardart said...

Debbie - I was you 2 weeks ago! The phone constantly amazes me! I'm like a kid in a candy store.
Rhonda - I DO know what that means, so there!!!
Carol - I feel your pain!!!

laura said...

Deb, this is hilarious ... and the selfie says it all! I had a smart phone for about a week; all I managed to do was import and then erase all my contacts.
I predict that soon enough you'll be totally enamored and dependent!

debwardart said...

It constantly amazes me! For some reason I'm enamored with the flashlight - that totally blows my mind!!! Maybe after a while I'll get the hang of all of it - and then they will make modifications and I'll be back to square one!

Ginny Stiles said...

I adore your selfie!!!! Hahahaha.
I have resisted a smart phone since I am totally enamoured of my iPad and I cannot imagine having ANOTHER device.
I love the amazing cover!

debwardart said...

Hi Ginny! My husband hates this photo - guess he doesn't get the humor!