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Thursday, November 13, 2014


Everyone needs a nemesis.
A worthy opponent to keep them on their toes and make them strive to excel.
Someone (or something) to push them into doing better.

Here is my dog's Nemesis!
Taken with my iPhone through the dining room door, so squirrel is a bit "squirrel-y" in this photo!
Can you tell that he's holding that piece of cardboard in his "hand"!
This crazy squirrel comes to the deck all of the time and usually manages to find something to eat  at his chosen spot - the bench in front of the dining room slider.  In this case, he found a piece of cardboard left by my son.   Of course, once the dog sees him he goes crazy to be let out to catch that squirrel.  I hate to tell him, but, ain't gonna happen!

By the time I open that door the squirrel is off and running. Sometimes I give Stray a little help and take him out to the garage and open that door.  Still, the squirrel must hear either the door opening or the dog's toenails on the concrete, and he's gone - way before 60 seconds!

Sometimes the squirrel only has enough time to leap onto the maple tree adjacent to the deck and run up into the branches.  When that happens, Stray will sit at attention (I'm not sure he even blinks) for a half hour or more just watching that squirrel.

Once, and this was the funniest to me, the squirrel was running up the steps and popped his head up above the deck just as I opened the kitchen door.  I saw him, Stray did not.

As the door opened the squirrel ducked his head down, Stray took off toward the side yard, the squirrel popped his head up again and ran for the tree.  Stray must have seen him from the corner of his eye or sensed him, because he made a 180 deg. turn and took off across the deck, but, again, too late.  Squirrel was up that tree chortling at the dog!

Not sure Stray would really know what to do with him if he ever did catch him!


Debbie Nolan said...

Dear friend - I have two dogs who have the same nemesis. Like you my squirrel is extremely smart and finds the tree before I even open the door a crack. Hope you are having a delightful day. Thanks for making me smile!

Christiane Kingsley said...

Too funny!