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Saturday, November 1, 2014


Here is a photo taken at the end of the workshop.

Even after much moaning and groaning, much doubting and praying - all of the results were GREAT!

Why are we always so critical of ourselves???  Everyone can be very proud of their results - even those who hid their paintings behind the front row!!!  (Yes, you know who you are!)

I received many positive comments about the workshop.  Everyone had a good time, learned something, and hopefully gained confidence to paint another silver and lace painting on their own - I can't wait to see those results!

Here are some of the great comments I received for this workshop:
"It really was 'lots of fun and no pressure' - well, maybe a little pressure."
"This workshop was all I expected and hoped for.  It was very informative and fun.  I would recommend Deb's class to anyone"
"I enjoyed the workshop - good 'pacing' (not too fast/slow).  Loved all the positive comments and encouragement - good snacks"
"Really enjoyed the class.  Informative, instructional, enjoyable.  Liked the critique part, learned from each picture you touched."
"Great class!  Enjoyed it.  Appreciate the helpful directions and comments and positive encouragement.   A lot in 2 days!"
"Luvvved it!!!  I liked that it was fun, relaxed and a 10-hour, 2-day summary (or review) of most things we've covered in classes over weeks, in additiion to the specifics of the workshop exercise."
"So enjoyed your class.  I learned so much.  Hope to attend some of your classes.  Thank you so much."
"Great class.  Need more weekend classes."
"Thank you for bolstering my confidence.  Very nice to be in class again."
"You are a great teacher - so patient and encouraging.  Definitely will attend another workshop or class."
"Fantastic girl!!"


laura said...

I really needed to take this workshop--I can't do lace or silver ... I might manage the orange.
Your students' wonderful work is testament to your teaching ability, Deb!

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Deb - the success of your teaching clearly shows in everyone's beautiful work. Wish you were closer - would love to take a workshop from you. Hope you have a great day. Hugs.

debwardart said...

Laura - you could do it, for sure!
Thanks Debbie, maybe I'll see you sometime at a workshop!