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Saturday, May 1, 2010


NOTE: I realize that I’m jumping all over lately showing what I’m working on, but I’ve got a lot of starts that need to be finished, so I’m posting as I work on them – not very cohesive blogging!!! (sorry).
And I may be a bit terse in my replies, but I really do care about all of you who stop by here – just have a lot going on lately but still want to stay connected.

Talk about "speed kills" - you can see how slowly I'm getting my paintings finished lately!!!
This was another start from my fluid acrylics workshop at Cincinnati Art Club in February, and this one may be a keeper! I think it shows the softness of the folds of cloth and I made the roses red for my husband!

Red Roses on Grandma’s Quilt, Fluid Acrylic on 300# Arches

I also taught this painting at my recent weekend workshop, in case it looks a little familiar! 


Ginny Stiles said...

Terse comments? are just busy painting these days. I hope to get at least one more project in before I have to start packing up my studio AGAIN. Moving took a bite out of my painting time this winter!
You find such interesting subjects and you are really great with that fluid acrylic!

RHCarpenter said...

Beautiful finish, Deb! When things are this lovely, it's okay to take it slowly.

Vicki Greene said...

I enjoy watching whatever it is that you are working on. The red roses and quilt are lovely.

debwardart said...

Ginny - maybe you can stop by again on your way to/from WI???
Thanks Rhonda! You know I'm a slow poke when it comes to painting.
Vicki - wow, you sure are easy to please!
The quilt was made by my grandmother; I have several of them and some table runners and doilies, all hand made by her. This has the embroidered squares with blue strips, and the color is still vibrant. Mike said the roses had to be red, so they are!