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Saturday, May 22, 2010


Well, if you ever need directions in Kettering, OH I can help! After being driven around there for 4 days this week I feel like I know the place – and it’s a beautiful area!
That’s where the Nick Simmons workshop was held – a great facility at Town and Country Mall – large, airy and well lit room with much natural light coming in through the plate glass windows fronting on the mall corridor.
Many thanks to Leonard Williams  for his hard work, as well as to Rosie Huart  and Karen Benedetti  – not only good artists but good bakers as well! Met several very nice ladies at the workshop, too, and reconnected with some others.
And it was so great to finally meet Nick Simmons in person!  I’ve heard so much about him over the past few years. (I have read articles about him and purchased his DVD – and he will have another one coming out soon!) He is a very giving teacher – no “secrets” held back. But just to make sure that I do not overstep my bounds - all I’m going to say is that I learned A LOT from this workshop (although you won’t be able to tell that from the paintings I made while there)!

My drawing taped and miskited
Working at it!
Also - seems that I left my SD card at home in my printer so I took an empty camera with me. (Not the brightest bulb!). These photos of my pathetic painting were sent to me by Rhonda so I could have something to show here!  We used Nick's reference and followed along - but, of course, they are all such different paintings!
You will have to click over to Rhonda’s blog to learn more of the specifics – she brought her camera and took lots of photos and you know what a great blogger she is!!!
We had a great time - learning, laughing, talking and eating!  My recommendations for any workshop (other than those that Rhonda spells out!) are to go ready to make a fool of yourself and laugh at yourself!  Sure, be ready to absorb what the instructor is teaching, but give yourself permission to have fun and not take yourself so seriously.  Absorb that special technique, the reason you came, and then figure out how to assimilate that technique into your own paintings.
My head is filled with ideas - we shall see how they actually come out on paper!

Friday I spent the entire day on the computer catching up with emails and other work related items, then off to a meeting in the evening. In other words, back to the grind!


Christiane Kingsley said...

Lucky lady, but also lucky bloggers like us who will see in the next little while where this workshop takes you on your artistic journey. Your painting is looking good.

Did you paint with your paper taped to the wall like Nick as Rhonda mentioned in her blog?

debwardart said...

After the initial "toss" you paint as usual! Definitely out of my comfort zone! I'm hoping that some of the ideas bouncing in my head will make it to completed paintings utilizing what I learned in Nick's workshop.

Nick said...

I believe it's true the often the "instructor" learns as much if not more than the "students." That's usually the case with me, and I learned a lot of things this time. I have to say you were a real kick the whole week, and a lot of fun to be around. You never know what kind of crowd you'll get, but as long as there's always a
Deb Ward-type - ie, sense of humor, very friendly, and accomplished artist - there is an infectious sense of fun and learning, and makes the whole thing better for everyone. Thanks for that, and I hope to see you when I'm in Indiana in August. Yes, back to the grind! :)

Vicki Greene said...

Thanks for sharing and I am glad that Rhonda was able to take some pics for you. It sounds like you guys had a good time.

RHCarpenter said...

You'll be caught up by Monday, Deb, and then you'll start getting behind again - that's life! ha ha
I like your crying geisha - sorry I didn't get more photos but I did get one of you throwing paint so hope I sent that to you.

Earthula said...

And we learn so much from other bloggers!

Thank you! Now I know about another teacher.
Nice to meet you!

Nick said...

Thought I left a comment here, might have missed the verification. It was great to finally meet you in person, and you have the perfect attitude, personality, and sense of adventure to make the workshop fun for everyone around you. Thank you for that. :) And being an accomplished painter besides is the icing on the cake. Hoping to catch up with you this summer while in Indiana. Thanks also for the excellent blogpost...I'll be sending out the big email tonight when I get home.

Mary Sonya Conti said...

Has he got you to painting this weekend? Have couple more pics if you want me to send them to you Deb shoot me an email. Again so enjoyed sharing space with you all this week.

debwardart said...

Vicki - we had a great time!
Rhonda - yep - I'm already behind again!
Sonya - gonna getcha fer that photo!!!
Nick - WOW - I am honored with your comments. Can't say I'm that much of an accomplished painter but at least I try! And you really got my head spinning - I've got lots of ideas, just need enough time to make them happen. Thanks again for an informative and fun workshop - and now we know we have more than painting in common (like a toilet paper tail!). Hope to see you in August!