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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Killdeer are interesting birds – they make their “nest” by laying eggs on rocks and gravel, so we have a lot of them because we have lots (and lots!) of rocks and gravel! We had been watching a momma sitting on her nest – and she never moved whether the trucks went by, or the bulldozer, or the gator! Finally my husband informed me that Momma Killdeer had her chicks and I needed to come take some photos.

These are the photos – and yes, there is a chick in each one! And boy, are they quick! I took several shots of grass just trying to catch one of those little guys! Like baby chicks, killdeer are born “on the run” – and apparently with full plumage so they blend in for protection.
Enjoy – if you can see them!!!


Gary Keimig said...

Killdeer are a favorite of mine. Have always gotten a kick out of their antics to coax one away from their young or nest. Great shots Deb.

Lisa Walsh said...

Very cute! But....GATOR????

debwardart said...

Gary - they drive the dog nuts with their "broken wing" mime - but it works every time!
Lisa - ga-tor: a John Deere 4-wheel drive 2 person vehicle (think of an injured football player being carried off the field)! NOT an amphibious reptile!

Ann Buckner said...

Deb, I'm not familiar with those birds so found your post quite interesting. Appreciate your sharing it with us. :)

D. Luckins said...

I love killdeer chicks! I had the opportunity to see 6 of them this year. Unfortunately, I missed seeing them grow up from about the first or second week until about 5 weeks old.

The mama of one set moved her 6 day old chicks to an inaccessible area and the ones in the other area were inaccessible because they closed it off for construction. But, I think all survived to at least 6 weeks old!