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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Those blank white clouds were staring me in the face so I had to do something with them. Using gray, you can see how I added some shapes throughout the clouds to add some shadows in them.

I added water to the gray marks I had made, but it wasn’t dark enough for me. I then took a wet brush and ran it over the tip of the pencil to pick up more of the gray directly onto my brush (see above). I then painted that gray onto the cloud shapes.

Now I think t hose clouds look a bit more realistic.


Barbra Joan said...

Thanks Deb for your tips, looking good . I have watercolor pencils and never really put any effort into them. I found them good to enhance something as you did here, but never as a whole painting..

debwardart said...

Barbra - I think most people use them as you do. However, this particular class was a start to finish painting in w/c pencils, so thought I would share. If you use them, think "colored pencil" - a bit tedious, but if you work at it, can be very beautiful. This particular painting is more "quick and dirty", but you may pick up some ideas to utilize in your work. Hope you enjoy it, and thanks for your comment.

William Cook said...

I just got home from the art store with 5 Derwent pencils. Just this minute found your lessons. Is that strange or what? Talk about timely! Last week I got the same thing only the woodless kind. Maybe next week I'll take them out of the bags! Wm

debwardart said...

William, that is eerie! Hope you learn something here, but after viewing your blog, you won't learn much - you are a master artist! As pencils go, I like the woodless, you can peel back the covering and use them on the side to cover larger areas - and there is no waste to them. Save the shavings - you can wet them and use as paint!!! Hope you stop back again (let me know how you like the w/c pencils).